A Sea of 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eye Flowers in Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park



Robyn Lawley, Jada Sezer, and Gabi Gregg for Swimsuits For All. 




Lovely Freckled faces Part 1.


North American River Otters

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Where's a good place to start with DWJ books? Anywhere?


"Anywhere" is always a good start, but how can I pass up to rec DWJ books!!! Here’s a guide of some personal favorites.

  • Howl’s Moving Castle: By far her most famous work, largely in thanks to the Ghibli film adaptation, but while the Ghibli film makes for a truly excellent movie (I love it dearly!), it also has the distinction of not being a very good adaptation. The premise of book and movie remain the same, however: the young hat-maker Sophie becomes cursed by the Witch of the Waste to be an old woman, and on her quest to break the curse she finds herself caretaking for the infamous Wizard Howl and his moving castle.

    Sequels include Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways, both stories explore the world of Howl’s Moving Castle but with different leading casts.

  • The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Probably the closest thing that counts as a book series from DWJ. The books explore the role of Chrestomanci, a powerful appointed enchanter who polices the use and misuse of magic across multiple parallel worlds.

    Consists of six novels and a short-story collection, recommended in this reading order: Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant, Magicians of Caprona, Witch Week, Mixed Magics, The Pinhoe Egg, .

  • Deep Secret: A book tailor-made for tumblr’s lifestyle. Follows a very cranky computer programmer who is a magical agent that protects the multiverse while simultaneously attending a sci-fi/fantasy convention. He teams up with a sullen, homely college girl and her teenaged cousin. Includes classic con moments like: that awkward moment when your ex-hookup is also a pro furry porn artist, discussions on centaur-human sex and the political ramifications of, and how to navigate con raves while dealing with the fall of an empire. Semi-sequel book includes The Merlin Conspiracy.

  • The Homeward Bounders: A boy accidently discovers mysterious beings who make the world and the people who live in it a tabletop game. He’s discarded off the playing field (his home) and cursed to immortally wander across multiple worlds to find his home again. Despite how silly that sounds as a premise this book tore my heart out and stole my lunch money and made me cry for an entire day, So, you know, I really love it.

  • Archer’s Goon: Howard and his sister “Awful” (so nicknamed) come home from school one day to find a goon demanding 2000 words from his writer father on behalf of someone called Archer. From there on it leads to discovering their town is ruled by seven sibling wizards bent on world domination. I’ve read this book so many times the spine is breaking apart.

I could make the list so much longer because there’s so many more favorites (Hexwood, Fire and Hemlock, Eight Days of Luke, Unexpected Magics, Time of the Ghost—-ugh!!! so many!!! check them all out too) but I was restrained and limited myself to describing five.

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Cate Parr on Etsy

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Shortfilm about a deaf, black girl who dreams of being a dancer

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Richard Ross - Museology

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"It was so fun. Just the constant company of one of these guys, or both of them. There was a lot of Xbox, a lot of dancing. It was so cool, it was literally just the beginning of everything." — Dylan O’Brien on living with Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin

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This is a very quick tutorial that goes over one function, the Onion Skin in Photoshop CS5. The Onion Skin is equivalent to the function of a light desk for traditional animation. If you haven’t already, please see my first tutorial about [basic timeline animation] if this is…

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